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Advice for a Returning Blogger

A friend returning to blogging wanted suggestions to get back into the swing of things. Here’s what I shared with her.

Five Ways to Overthrow a Kingdom in Fictional Settings – Part 1

Need to overthrow a kingdom in a story or game setting? Here are five ways to do so, in a 5-part series. Part 1 talks pros and cons of armed conflict and 3 things to keep in mind if you go that route.

Are We a Universe, or a Speck? – the Macrocosm Inside

Turns out the universe looks like a neural network. Oddly, this is reminiscent of a vision I had when I was 7. Cool stuff.

Quick Update on Splintegrate

Update on the state of Splintegrate, my science fiction novel now under revision, and the frenzy as I slowly get sucked into Tor Book’s production pipeline.

Majel Barrett as Whorehouse Madam in Westworld

Researching a work-in-progress, I saw Westworld tonight. This is another film Majel Barrett makes an appearance in! Some thoughts on Westworld and her work.

“Midwife” and Marvelous Miranda Hart

On my new fave comedian Miranda Hart, her poignant portrayal of Chummy in “Call the Midwife,” and the awkward hilarity in her comedy show.

Continuum: simple plot twist, complex moral dilemmas

Increasingly complex moral ambiguity makes for interesting and challenging viewing in science fiction drama Continuum, starring Rachel Nichols.

World Building Tips Volume 2 on Sale Now!

World Building Tips Vol. 2 is on sale now. The focus here is on travel, transportation, communications and much more for world builders.

Lodging With the Locals

Fantasy writers can take a lesson from this fact: When public accommodations were not available, travelers had to turn to local folk for overnight lodgings.

Social Psychology Insights from Hell’s Kitchen

When Nedra joins the men’s team, they impute the wrong reasons for why that individual came over to them. Social psych in a petri dish: observations from Hell’s Kitchen.