Podcast, Episode 1: Introducing the Alien Tourist

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E01 Introducing the Alien TouristWell, here it is! There first of my podcasts, now online. All Alien Tourist episodes can be listened to at PodOMatic.  This individual episode can be heard at at this link, or listened to on this page with the player embedded below.

This show looks at the intersection of change, creativity, reality, and the world of “if.” In this episode I introduce the show concept, talking about the issue of alien-ness (in the form of “othering”), share some observations about Boardwalk Empire, and talk a little about the anthology I recently edited, Demon Lovers: Succubi. Show notes are at the end of this post.

The master index of episodes is here. There will also be occasional anecdotes posted (I’m calling them “Observations”) that are shorter ruminations (15 mins or less) on things that don’t fit into the longer podcast for one reason or another. The first of these anecdotes is also online at the master index page. It is titled “Army & Othering.” (Later I’ll showcase that in a post of its own, so it can be properly picked up by my rss feed.)

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If you want to subscribe to this podcast you can subscribe to my rss feed with the button in the masthead (which I *think* is now set up properly to convey podcasts to podcatchers).  When I straighten out some tech issues this will be an option. Meanwhile,  you can listen to Alien Tourist at PodOMatic.

At that link you can listen, subscribe, or even download this and other episodes via the iTunes store (which PodOMatic uploads to automatically. How convenient.)  Or if you just want to check this program out quickly, hit the play button on the media player below.

Welcome to the Alien Tourist! Please share your thoughts in the comment space below.


Episode 1: Introducing the Alien Tourist

(Contains some adult language.)

0:00  Intro & topics today: alien other; Boardwalk Empire; the anthology Demon Lovers: Succubi
2:00  What the Alien Tourist represents. Life in the Lizard Lair; who I am
6:00  The Venn Diagram: intersection of topics for this blog
7:30  Shownotes pointer: master index list is here.
8:40  Take 2 of this podcast: a work in progress
10:10  Othering: the Trayvon Martin shooting and fear of the Other.
20:30 Living with them that’s different from you [which also led to Observation #1, Army & Othering, which is the spinoff from this point made in this podcast (link)]
21:05  Caroline Myss writing on tribal mind
22:10  What fear and othering implies for us growing up as human beans, and the uses of this in literature.
28:00 Media commentary: a subtle but surprisingly moving performance in Boardwalk Empire
31:00  Life on Mars and actress Gretchen Mol
35:00 My media watchathons and impressions of Richard Harrow, the character played by Jack Huston in Boardwalk Empire
[music bridge: “Solace” by Scott Joplin]
42:50 Demon Lovers: Succubi anthology (links below) – what and why
48:15 The Venn Diagram for this show!  Anecdotes (labeled “Observations” at PodOMatic) that will also be online
50:40 Outro and music credits: Danilo Mazzeo, “Per Laura” at Jamendo.com

Jack Huston as Richard Harrow in Boardwalk Empire

Jack Huston as Richard Harrow in Boardwalk Empire


Music:  “Per Laura” by Danilo Mazzeo at Jamendo.com; “Solace” by Scott Joplin
“Alien Tourist” artwork by Michael Dialynas, madart84 @ Deviantart.com, (c) 2005

Links and Related Info from Show Notes

Caroline Myss writing on tribal mind. An excellent brief essay on the subject is here, or you can check out her book, Anatomy of the Spirit.
Boardwalk Empire. Info at IMDB.com
Jack Huston, actor.
Life on Mars – Finale Fail
Demon Lovers: Succubi website
Venn Diagram of Podcast topics:  illo at bottom of this page

The Alien Tourist is also online at PodOMatic. You can subscribe to the ‘cast and download through iTunes there as well.


Alien Tourist subject Venn diagram

Venn diagram of the Alien Tourist subject area. (Yeah, yeah, I’m a geek…)




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