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This section is under development, and will contain the portal to information about the world of Àstareth, the setting of my fantasy novels. Here you’ll be able to visit lands featured in my books, learn about their people and customs, read or hear interviews with persons who have appeared as characters in my books.  I’ll also have background information and sourcebook material here intended for personal reading or use in RPG play.

Interested in characters and places that have appeared in my fantasy stories? You can experience them here as well.  At this portal you’ll be able to meet characters, get better acquainted through interviews and diaries, learn what they’ve been up to since their last appearance in a book, maybe take a virtual tour of their favorite haunts and more.

It’s going to take a while to get this material online, so please bear with me, because this must necessarily take second place to actually writing some books I have in the works right now.  But I do have a wealth of information about Àstareth that is eager to find its way online (see also the Gaming menu tab for more on RPG material for this setting).

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