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Now and then when the fit takes me, I’ll be haring off in one or the other of these directions in my writings here.  This is not a list of what this blog or site is “about,” per se:  rather, it’s a brain dump about my major interests, so if you share any of them, we might be more likely to have conversation or mutual blog-watching going on.

Stop now if you don’t want to read some personal trivia. Continue on if you’re trivia proof.  Figured I’d put this springboard page here now, since it makes jumping off a cliff so much easier later on.

Mostly but not always in this order:


I’m resisting the urge to write reams about that right now. Books, ditto. Just assume there’s lots and lots of this going on.

World Design

The perfect confluence of my interests in geography, cultural anthropology, sociology, social history, linguistics, warfare, diplomacy and much more.  Plus, it’s good to be God (see Gaming, below).

Games and Gaming

From miniatures to space simulators, to role-playing in service of story-telling: can’t get enough of it. Especially beloved for being a way to share the worlds I create with others (through rpgs), and the synergy world design and character development have with my fiction writing.

Left-Brain Stuff

That’s huge in my life (or has been), and I escape from it in right-brain fun and games as much as possible. But still, like a gigantic suction vortex, it keeps pulling me back in. Nature abhors those vacuums and sometimes stuffs me into the gap with things like:

Systems Thinking. I don’t see how people don’t get how people, systems, and structures are interrelated and dynamic, and all that that necessarily implies.  Guess that’s why I’m a sociologist, social psychologist, synthesist and social historian.  I’m serious about scholarship and am working to define myself is some small ways as an established independent scholar.

Techy Stuff: like electronics, audio, and communications geeking.  I designed and built slot cars out of copper tubing when I was a kid, took radios apart, and used to translate intel for NSA in a beyond-top-secret ELINT installation in the Army. What can I say. Still want a ham license, too.

Computers.  Former and still-recovering systems analyst/designer/project manager/corporate consultant here. Done it too long. Now I’m just glad I have the skill set and don’t have to hire my own geek for miscellaneous tech support. Still have rabid fits of engagement with knowledge and information management, Web 2.0 issues and more, but that’s more systems-think to me. I think.  Sigh. I need to go write a book about it or something.

Business. Don’t get me started.

Publishing Geekness.  Published a technical journal in the early 1980s, and never since have I been entirely out of the editing, publishing, and communications business in general.  Presently have a dormant rpg game publishing company that is scheduled to rise from the dead later this year.


Sounds like a hobby, but I’ve discovered it is one of my passions. It grounds and centers me and is an art form in its own right. Fine dining is a given, of course: if you cook good food you have to also appreciate it in the eating of it. A nice wine would be good with that, too.

Unpursued Interests

Unpursued for lack of money, time, or sometimes a partner, but not for lack of interest.  I’ve done most but not all of these things.  You figure out which.

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