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Most static pages here allow commenting (such as the essays) but many do not (like the summary or intro pages that lead elsewhere).  Still, you’re welcome to share your thoughts on anything you’d like on this page. Since the content that inspired you is not readily apparent to other readers, please be sure to give some context for your remark if it’s needed.

Rudeness and personal attacks will, of course, be deleted.  Throwing stones at the dinosaur is not allowed. We will unleash the rabbits if we must, and they will not hesitate to ban you. You are forwarned.

Let the nattering begin!

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YO T!!!

Hullo!! YAY for almost being done!!!

AND AND AND – when you are done and back to email etc, I’d love to chat about a collaborative project I have in mind…



email me!!

What’s your email? Still the same as before?

You've grown into a very attractive woman, Deb!

I always knew you had far more intellect than FSB reequired. That "all women" ship your Dad suggested was akin to the all-female S/S I envisioned. The female Ops were always superior to the men except in unusual cases!

You've done VERY well. Makes me proud to have served with you!

All the best, Old Friend (I hope!)

Johnne Lee Ables

Damn, I need to check these comments more often!!! I need to email you. To be continued…

I've never read your writing before, but I just read the first paragraph of Mainline; feels so good to experience writing that reflects awareness of the sound of the language; looking forward to this read…..

Thanks for the compliment. I hope you enjoy the book!

Have you seen the movie "Splice"? Tell me, is it an abomination, a masterpiece or what? I have a love-hate with it, I can't leave it alone….

I've heard the title, but that one hasn't been on my radar. Now I'm curious. If I see it I'll say more. What leaves you conflicted about it?

Hi Deborah – Was curious if there were/are/is particular books you thing would be useful for design on a larger scale, such as fictional universes?

Funny you should ask, Jesse. There are many world-building books out there, unfortunately most are of a very hit-and-miss quality, IMO. I would recommend the books I wrote myself. You can find three titles here:… They are also available at Amazon and B&N (World Building Tips Vol 2 will not be at major retailers until Monday).
Designing fictional settings is a particular interest of mine – check out the World Building Academy, which I founded to help spread info in this regard:

Oh, no. I know about your stuff (it's fantastic! And I get the newsletter, which is also great :)). From what I've seen you concentrate primarily on a planet at a time. I'm curious if you know of any books that discuss the creation of larger scenarios, specifically science fiction universes.

If you mean, creation of entire star systems and such, I think there is one such book out there and I have a copy of it somewhere, but I can't recall the title. Not very helpful, I know….

lol – No problem 🙂 And yup, that's what I'm looking for. I'll keeping hunting around. Thanks, and have a great weekend!

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