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Help yourself to a free copy of Dragonsword, the first fantasy novel from Deborah Teramis Christian in over a decade. Now available for immediate download at the Dragonsword book site, or you can read an excerpt here.

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Fiction and Game Design Credits
for Deborah Teramis Christian

Works in Progress

To purchase the more current publications noted below, please visit the Bookstore page at Storybones.

Site 3 – a Cold War espionage story set in West Berlin, based on my intel work and life experiences there.

Queen Victoria’s Transmogrifier – Victorian paranormal/alternate history.

Succubus Lore and Legend – a non-fiction bonus book complementary to Demon Lovers: Succubi.

In the Editing Pipeline

Splintegrate – science fiction, quasi-sequel to Mainline. In line edits at Tor Books.

Under a Different Sun: Building Unique New Worlds that Feel Right at Home – with Nancy Berman. A World Building Academy how-to book, on creating unique worlds that have enough familiar about them that your audience does not feel completely lost.

Fiction (published as Deborah Teramis Christian)

Sa’adani Tales – a collection of folklore from the cultures and peoples relevant to my science fiction story-worlds. Published December 2012.

Demon Lovers: Succubi. Book I of the Demon Lovers anthology series (edited and contributed). Published June 2012.

Dragonsword. Book I of the Qualun Monogatari. Published 2011.

Samurai-inspired fantasy novel in an Asian-like setting. This book had its genesis in early work done for TSR’s Oriental Adventures setting. It is one-half of a duology that is a work in progress.
The book is a free download at www.dragonsword.info

“Live Fire”, in military science fiction anthology No Man’s Land

Book IV of the Defending the Future Anthology series, May 2011
Considered for the Tiptree Award in June 2011

Li-Wan’s Revenge: a “Halloween” tale from my free fantasy novel Dragonsword, and a story that will be included in a future volume of my Sa’adani Tales folklore collection. Published October 2011.

The Transformation of Gerick Bare-skin. A coming-of-age story about a would-be were-bear in the Duchy of Nimm. This is the homeland of the “bad guys” in my novel The Truthsayer’s Apprentice.

Non-Fiction (published as Deborah Teramis Christian)

The Gazetteer Writer’s Manual  – with Bruce Heard. A World Building Academy how-to book (April 2013).

World Building Tips, Volume 1 – world building how-to. “An excellent primer on world building.” – award-winning science fiction author Jacqueline Lichtenberg. (Jan 2013)

Fiction (work prior to 2001 published as ‘Deborah Christian,’ except where noted)


Mainline, Tor Books, 1996
Kar Kalim, Tor Books, 1997
The Truthsayer’s Apprentice, Tor Books, 1999

Short Stories

Chapbook, Fatbrain.com ebook, 1998
Ridgerunner, Profusion Magazine, 1995
TIE Fighter Flight, Star Wars Imperial Sourcebook fiction endpiece, 1989.


“The General Sherman Affair.” (screenplay) 1989
“Creative Visualization.” (monologue)1991

Role Playing Games
Computer Games

Sa’adani Empire Character Generator (unpublished) (1985)
Merchant of Venice (unpublished) (1990)
Neverwinter Nights modules (unpublished) (2002)

Pen & Paper Games

Bastion Press
Into the Blue (2003) – editor
Arms & Armor v.3.5 (2004) – additional design

Flying Buffalo Press
Citybook VI – anthology contributor (1996)
Citybook VII – anthology contributor (1997)

Mayfair Games
Ellery Queen’s Mystery Game: A Shot in the Dark (1987)
City-State of the Invincible Overlord (writing under the pseudonym of Terry Randall):
Raiders of Ironrock (1987)
Betrayal at Bogwater (1988)
Deception in Dasa (1988)
The Wraith of Derric’s Deep (1989)
Calandia Guidebook (sourcebook) (1989)
Death and the Devil Legions (unpublished) (1989)
The Lichmaster of Kahj’ram (unpublished) (1989)

Palladium Press
Zentraedi Breakout – Robotech adventure, (1994)

Crash Course Training Manual [d20] (2004) – ebook available through RPGNow.com

Thieves’ Guild
Troila’s Revenge – tournament play module (1984)


Specific Settings

Dragonlance: Dragon Dawn adventure module (1990)
Forgotten Realms: Kara-Tur boxed set (1989)
Marvel Superheroes: Dr. Doom in Time (uncredited rewrite, 1989)
Top Secret/SI: Orion Rising (1989)

Sourcebooks and Modules (contributed, edited, and/or developed)

Adventure Pack I (TSR 1986)
Adventure Pack II (1987)
Bestiary of Dragons and Giants (1987)
Book of Lairs I (1987)
Book of Lairs II (1988)
Book of Wonderous Inventions (1988)
Child’s Play (1988)
Dragonlance: Dragon Dawn adventure module (1990)
Lords of Darkness (1988)
Minrothad Guilds Gazetteer (1989)
Tales of the Outer Planes (1989)
Top Secret/Orion Rising (1989)

West End Games

Star Wars Imperial Sourcebook (1989, 2004)
The Graveyard of Alderaan (1990)

Wicked North Games

Westward – steampunk setting from Wicked North Games. Designed vehicles and equipment (2012).

Unpublished Original Campaign Settings

The Sa’adani Empire (the universe of Mainline, unpublished, 2002)
Qua-lun (the world of Dragonsword, unpublished, 1995)
Tura-kem and the Duchy of Nimm (the world of The Truthsayer’s Apprentice, unpublished, 1998)


“Sea Magic”, Arcane Lore, Dragon Magazine, Issue 220 (1996)
“The Ranger Revisited.” Dragon Magazine, Issue 106 (1984)



“At long last, orcs as they were really meant to be played! No more the pallid foes of derivative fantasy, but orcs in all their fiercesomeness and cunning.”
– Review of Fantasy Gaming, England, 1988, regarding Raiders of Ironrock adventure game.

“The Truthsayer’s Apprentice has the dark shadows and hard clarity of the Icelandic sagas as well as Deborah Christian’s own unique vision and sensibilities. The world she creates is solidly conceived and thoroughly convincing. The intensity and high drama never slacken. Best yet, there’s more to come.”
– Lloyd Alexander, Newberry Award-winning author of The Black Cauldron.

“Kar Kalim [shows] in painful detail what might be the reality of fantasy, wherein magic only increases the burden on ordinary folk…Will I remember it? For a long time. That, by my definition, is good writing.”
– Piers Anthony

“Mainline is splendid. A fast, fun read, but an ambitious work, too. Keeping the suspense when your protagonist can cross alternate timelines isn’t easy…It’s dynamite.”
– Larry Niven


Author Deborah Teramis Christian

Teramis wrote her first book at age 9, but like all good literary lizards has taken her time charging upon the market. Finally in a situation where she can write full time, she is becoming the Dragon, Unleashed, or a close facsimile thereof. Roar, said the saur.

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MilSciFi Interview - re "Live Fire" in No Man's Land

New Books

This military science fiction anthology contains "Live Fire," Christian's Tiptree Award-nominated short story set in the Sa'adani Empire, the setting of her science fiction novels. Now available at Amazon in print and Kindle editions.